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NeuLive for Your Ephys Life!

NeuLive is an autopilot, smartphone-like brain recording/stimulation IoT system that allows free-moving animals. It is ideal for brainwave-related researchers who also care about animal ethics. NeuLive provides the solution for both smart brain research and precise neuromodulation.

This product is recognized by CompuTex d&i Specialty Award in Taipei, Taiwan, 2019.

Boost your Neuroscience Research

Wireless & Miniature

  • Wireless Connection to Hub
  • Miniature Size
  • Light Weight

Plug & Play

  • Real-Time Data Display
  • Control via Web & Phone
  • Intuitive User Interface

Connected Team

  • Remote Data Collection & Management
  • Multi-User Access
  • Multi-Device Experiments

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Features of
NeuLive Series






Miniature Wireless


Steep Learning

75 to 3 days


Miniature Device

Based on a proprietary microchip tailored for neuro-interfacing, NeuLive features lightweight (4.1g)

Freely Moving Animal

Wireless data transmission (>2m), and simultaneous operation with multiple devices.

NeuLive 1 to 4

Up to 4 “NeuLive”

Up to 4 “NeuLive” can be operated simultaneously via “Hub” wireless transmission and presented in a good graphical interface, allowing you to easily collect experimental data.

NeuLive Unboxing

In the box

The NeuLive is designed to accelerate the development of personalized bio-electronic medicine for treating various neural disorders, such as the Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, epilepsy, dystonia, pain control, stroke rehabilitation, or even depression…

Wireless Transmission

Visualize & Control on Webpage

Miniature Device

More agile than traditional instruments

IoT System

Connected team and Multi-User Join research

Applicable for all products

Check out our “Web Page-Based” interface

No more software installation and compatible with all tablets, laptops, and mobile phones.
Automatically launch when connected to Controller/Hub.
Remote control enabled.