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Measure a Variety of Electrical Properties Easily with Elite Series

Elite is a digital wireless recorder that has the capability to measure a variety of electrical properties, and wirelessly relay the data back to your cell phone or tablet.

Elite Series Cover

Boost Your Advanced Research Projects

In-Situ Operation

  • Real-Time Data Plot
  • Complimentary Measurement
  • In-Site with the Subject

Plug & Play

  • IoT Remote Data Control
  • Multi-User Research
  • Multi-Device Configuration

Connected Team

  • IoT Remote Data Control
  • Multi-User Research
  • Multi-Device Configuration

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Features of
Elite Series






Miniature Wireless


Steep Learning

1 to 3hrs

Experimental Monitoring

8 hrs Monitoring

Real-time Data Dispaly

Elite EDC In-situ


Recording in Closed Chamber
Complimentary Measurement
In-Site with Subjects

Controller to 4 Elites

Up to 4 "Elite"

Up to 4 “Elite” can be operated simultaneously via “Elite Controller” wireless transmission and presented in a good graphical interface, allowing you to easily collect experimental data.

Elite 開箱

In the box

The Elite is miniaturized (6 cm × 6 cm × 2 cm) and wirelessly-controlled. Therefore, it is particularly ideal for in-situ measurement inside an isolated chamber or a condition-controlled incubator for a long term (>24hrs).

Wireless Transmission

Visualize & Control on Webpage

Miniature Device

More agile than traditional instruments

IoT System

Connected team and Multi-User Join research

Applicable for all products

Check out our “Web Page-Based” interface

No more software installation and compatible with all tablets, laptops, and mobile phones.
Automatically launch when connected to Controller/Hub.
Remote control enabled.