Create a Relaxed Research using “NeuLive”.

The “NeuLive” is an autopilot, smartphone-like brain recording/stimulation IoT device, ideal for neural electrophysiology studies with freely-moving animals. NeuLive provides the solution for both smart brain-research and precise neuromodulation. The design is recognized by the 2019 CompuTex d&i Specialty Award in Taipei, TAIWAN.

  • Neural recording

  • Neural stimulation

  • Closed-loop Neuromodulation

With the lightweight “NeuLive” experimental device, it can effectively reduce the risk of experimental body surgery, reduce the pain of the experimental body, and effectively attach to the experimental body to obtain instantaneous and accurate experimental data by wireless transmission.
Free Subject

Wireless Connection to Hub.

Miniature Dimension.

Light Weight.

Plug & Play

Real-Time Data Plot.

Control via Web & Phone.

Intuitive User Interface.

Connected Team

IoT Remote Data Control.

Multi-User Research.

Multi-Device Configuration.

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Using Hub to Control up to 4 NeuLive Devices.

The Hub is able to control up to 4 NeuLive headstages simultaneously for experimental setup, data collection, and data visualization, etc. The Hub is an auto-pilot system. Once an experiment protocol is set up, the NeuLive executes experiments automatically, and the experimental data are stored for real-time monitoring or further analysis.

Up to 4 “NeuLive” can be operated simultaneously via “Hub” wireless transmission and presented in a good graphical interface, allowing you to easily collect experimental data.