Easy to measure electrical properties using “Elite”.

The “Elite” digital recorder is able to measure electrical properties (e.g. voltammetry, resistance, I-V curves). The Elite is miniaturized (6 cm × 6 cm × 2 cm) and wirelessly-controlled, particularly ideal for in-situ measurement inside a closed chamber or an incubator.
  • Voltammetry

  • I-V curve

  • Digital multimeter

With the lightweight “Elite” experimental device, it is easy to measure the electrical properties of the experimental body in a highly demanding environment, even without moving the experimental body (in-situ), and to ensure accurate data in the best environment.

Recording in Closed Chamber.

Complimentary Measurement.

In-Site with the Subject

Plug & Play

Real-Time Data Plot.

Control via Web & Phone.

Intuitive User Interface.

Connected Team

IoT Remote Data Control.

Multi-User Research.

Multi-Device Configuration.

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Using Controller to Control up to 4 Elite Devices.

The Elite Controller is able to control up to 4 Elite devices simultaneously for experimental setup, data collection, and data visualization, etc. The Controller is an auto-pilot system. Once an experiment protocol is set up, the Elite device executes experiments automatically, and the experimental data are stored for real-time monitoring or further analysis.

Up to 4 “Elite” can be operated simultaneously via “Elite Controller” wireless transmission and presented in a good graphical interface, allowing you to easily collect experimental data.