Neural Recording

As neurons transmit and encode signals as potential changes across their
membranes, neural recording refers to monitoring the potential changes with low-
noise amplifiers (LNA). The “NeuLive” headstage contains multiple LNA channels to
facilitate the recording of multiple brain regions simultaneously and wirelessly. The
recorded data are not only displayed in real-time but also stored in the NeuLive Hub
automatically for further analysis and data visualization. The key applications
  • Functional neuroscience research

  • Biomarkers for neural disorders

  • Pharmacological effects on brain functions

Neural Stimulation

The “NeuLive” headstage is able to generate current pulses to elicit neural activity.
The frequency, the pulse width, and even the stimulation waveform can be easily
programmable for various electrophysiological studies. With a miniaturized adaptor,
the current pulses are also able to drive multiple LEDs for specific neuromodulation
by optogenetics. Together with neural-recording function in the same headstage, the
effects of neural stimulation can be investigated easily. The key applications include:
  • Functional neuroscience research

  • Brain stimulation for treating neural disorders

  • Neuromodulation by electrical or optical stimulation

Closed-loop Neuromodulation

Closed-loop neuromodulation has been one promising treatment for many neural
disorders. The closed-loop control refers to triggering neural stimulation upon the
detection of a specific pattern of neural activities, which are believed to correlate
with a particular neural function or pathological symptom. The conditional triggering
on stimulation is also useful for investigating how neurons interact with each other
to form a functional network.

Conduct Neuroscience Research Easily with “NeuLive”

The “NeuLive” is an autopilot, smartphone-like brain recording/stimulation IoT
device, ideal for neural electrophysiological studies with freely-moving animals.
NeuLive provides the solution for both smart brain research and precise
neuromodulation. Learn More…