A category of electroanalytical methods used in analytical chemistry and various industrial processes. In voltammetry, information about an analyte is obtained by measuring the current as the potential is varied.
The analytical data for a voltammetric experiment comes in the form of a voltammagram which plots the current produced by the analyte versus the potential of the working electrode.
  • Elite-EDC series employ a measurement referenced to ground, with known counter electrode voltage, the voltage difference is easily calculated.

Device I-V Curve

Typically represented as a chart or graph, between the electric current through a circuit, device, or material, and the corresponding voltage, or potential difference across it.
  • Programmable voltage output

  • Maximum update rate is 100 sps (sample per second)

Digital Multimeter (DMM)

A device that provides multiple types of measurements within one device. DMMs uses a more accurate and readable digital output than an analog solution.
  • Measuring current, voltage, and resistance of subject

Easy to measure the electrical properties using “Elite”.

The “Elite” digital recorder is able to measuring the electrical properties (e.g. voltammetry, impedance, I-V curves) of biological cells and materials. Learn More…