Voltammetry refers to a category of electroanalytical methods used in analytical
chemistry and various industrial processes. The information about an analyte is
obtained by measuring the current as the potential across an electrochemical system
is varied. The analytical data for a voltammetric experiment comes in the form of a
voltammagram, which plots the current produced by the analyte versus the potential
of the working electrode. As the Elite-EDC functions as a wireless potentiostat, the voltage across the
working and reference electrodes is swept over a pre-set range with a specified
sweeping speed. The corresponding current at the counter electrode is then
measured and displayed versus voltage in real time.
  • Wireless voltammetry

Basic requirements: Elite Controller and Elite

Device I-V Curve

Measuring how the current flowing through a device (Iin) changes with the voltage
across the device (Vout) has been a fundamental method for characterizing a device
(e.g. resistors, diodes, transistors, biosensors, etc.). The I-V curve of a device refers
to plotting the measured current versus voltage in a diagram. For a novel device, it is
crucial to develop an analytical model for the I-V curve, so as to apply the device as a
sensor or to develop a functional circuit with the device. By connecting the Elite-EDC
with the device as the configuration below, the Elite-EDC features
  • Wirelessly-programmable voltage at Vout

  • Maximum updating rate is 100 sps (sample per second)

  • Measuring the device current Iin with a precision below 1nA

Basic requirements: Elite Controller and Elite

Continuous Electrical Monitoring

Monitoring the resistance/current/voltage of a sample continuously is crucial for
investigating the aging effects of various materials, as well as for charaterizing the
properties of different thin films (polymer, semiconductors, etc.). This function is
also useful for monitoring sensory responses in wearable devices or in unmanned,
harsh environments. As the Elite is lightweight and wirelessly-controlled, it is
particularly suitable for long-term monitoring in an isolated, condition-controlled
chamber (e.g. a glove box). The diagrams below illustrate two types of application
configuration. In the voltage-recording mode, the Elite monitors the voltage across
the sample and display the measured voltage versus time in real time. In the
resistance-monitoring mode, the resistance of the sample is measured continuously
and displayed in real time.
  • Monitoring resistance, voltage, and current versus time wirelessly and

Basic requirements: Elite Controller and Elite

Capture the Continuous Changes of Electrical Properties by Dynamic Photography

The Elite is designed to monitor the electrical properties of your samples
continuously, and the measured data are displayed in real time like dynamic
photography. Acquiring data for your research
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